Here you will learn how to set up your Advisor account within Hivemetric.

After you have contacted Hivemetric about creating an Advisor profile, you will receive an email with a link to get started.

Click "Get Started" to begin.

You will be directed to the Hivemetric Login page. Log in with either your Gmail or LinkedIn account, and select your Advisor workspace.

Note: if you already have a Company Hivemetric account, you will be able to select your newly created Advisor workspace.

You will be taken to the main dashboard of your Hivemetric Advisors account. Select "Invite Companies" to begin setting up your account.

Go through the steps of naming your organization (if needed), as well as uploading a logo for your organization (optional).

Next you will want to add your first company to your advisor portfolio.

Select the next step called "Get your companies forecasting with Hivemetric".

You will be prompted to enter a company name, as well as the email of the main owner of the company.

Select "Invite", and the owner will receive an email invite to join your portfolio in Hivemetric.

If the company owner already has a Hivemetric account, they will be instantly added to your portfolio upon accepting the invitation. If they are not already in Hivemetric, they will be taken through the steps of setting up their Company profile and forecast.

Finally, you can select "View your Organization Portfolio" to see companies you have invited.

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