You can continue inviting companies to your Advisor portfolio in Hivemetric after the initial onboarding process. To invite companies, you will need to know the Company Name as well as the Email of the user who is the Admin of the company's Hivemetric account.

Inviting Companies

From your main Dashboard, select Invite Companies at the bottom of the homepage.

You will be taken to the Connected Companies section of your settings. Here you can delete existing companies or invite new companies.

To invite a new company, enter the Company Name and the Email of the company admin.

Press Invite to send an invite to your portfolio.

If the invite expires, you can come back to this section to Resend any outstanding invites.

While your invite is pending, the invited company will display as "Pending" on your dashboard.

After the company has accepted the invite, they will display normally in your dashboard, where you will be able to see their information and view/manage their Hivemetric forecast.

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