You can step into the forecast of your portfolio companies after they accept your invite.

From your Dashboard, select the Manage button next to the company you want to view.

There are a few different tabs you can view for each company:

Company Dashboard

The company dashboard gives a look into a company's metrics and data in visual form with modifiable date ranges.

Revenue, Expense, Staffing, and Profit/Loss graphs display data from items in the company's Income Statement. MRR, ARR, and CAC charts show key metrics based on that data.

Company Profile

The Company Profile provides a custom business summary that the company sets up.

Companies upload logos, select industries, and create custom text modules with information they wish to display.

Income Statement

The information found in the Income Statement drives a majority of the functionality within Hivemetric.

The Income Statement contains Product, Expense, and Staffing data, and can be displayed in custom time intervals out to a period of 5 years into the future.

Cash Flows

A company's Cash Flows dashboard provides insight into the financial health of the business from a cash lens.

View starting cash, current cash, burn rates, break even points, and more to get an exact understanding of when your portfolio companies might encounter a cash crisis.

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