Now that you've connected your QuickBooks account, you are ready to start mapping where you want your QBO data to appear in Hivemetric.

If you haven't connected your account, please refer to this article.

Once your QuickBooks is properly connected to Hivemetric, a green check mark will display in the QuickBooks section of Integrations within your Settings.

Select the Manage Mapped Data button to be taken to the mapping process of setting up your QBO data in Hivemetric.

In the Mapping Interface, you will see four different sections each pertaining to a particular type of item in your QuickBooks account: Product Groups, Products, Expense Categories, and Expenses.

To begin mapping your data into Hivemetric, select the section you would like to map. Note, it is easier to start with Product Groups and Expense Categories before mapping individual Products and Expenses.

On the left side of your screen, you will see the item being pulled from Quickbooks.

On the right side of your screen, you will see where you are going to map it in Hivemetric.

You can map your QuickBooks data to existing associations, if you already have financial data set up in Hivemetric. Simply select the drop down to view your existing associations.

You can also create new Groups, Categories, Products, or Expenses if you wish to associate a QuickBooks item with something that is not yet in Hivemetric. Select the Create New button to map to a new variable.

Once you have finished mapping every item from QuickBooks, your screen will display a check mark indicating the mapping process is complete.

Please note, you do not need to map every item in order for the QuickBooks integration to work. You may leave items to come back to at any time, or can skip/ignore specific QBO items entirely.

If you ever wish to change the way you are mapping your QuickBooks data into Hivemetric, you can always come back to this page and select the Mapped toggle to view and edit your mapped data.

Congrats! You have now finished connecting and mapping your QuickBooks data into Hivemetric.

Your data is now ready to be viewed in your Income Statement forecast!

Learn how to view your QuickBooks data in Hivemetric here

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