After you have connected your QuickBooks account to Hivemetric and mapped where you want your data to display, you can view your historical QBO data alongside your Hivemetric forecast!

If you haven't yet mapped your QuickBooks data into Hivemetric, please refer to this article.

Viewing your QuickBooks data in Hivemetric is simple and easy.

To do so, first navigate to your Income Statement by selecting the +/- symbol on your left navigation sidebar.

The view you are currently looking at is based on your projected financials.

To switch to your actual QuickBooks data, hit the toggle in the upper right to Display Forecast With: Actuals.

You will notice that your numbers for the current month likely changed. This is because your Income Statement is now displaying the current month with your actual QuickBooks data.

In order to see your data before the current displayed month, simply scroll to the left in your Income Statement grid.

This can be done by either scrolling left on your touchpad if you use a laptop touchpad, or by holding shift and scrolling with a mouse.

You are now viewing your actual QuickBooks data for past months.

In order to see any actual values against what you had projected for a particular period, simply hover your cursor over the cell you wish to view.

By doing this, you are also able to edit the individual value in a cell by selecting Edit Value.

Please note, this will override the value displayed in the cell which you edit.

And that's it for viewing your QuickBooks data in Hivemetric! Be sure to let us know if you have any issues at all, and happy forecasting!

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