The Expense section in your Income Statement includes fixed expenses that your business incurs no matter what to stay in operation. These might include things like Office Rent or Supplies, for example.

Adding Expenses

To begin adding an expense, select Add New in the upper left corner of your grid, then select Expense.

The right snap editor will open, and you will either click on an Expense Category to add the expense to, or create a new Expense Category by selecting Add Expense Category at the bottom.

By default, Hivemetric provides you with 4 Expense Categories: General & Administrative, Sales & Marketing, Occupancy, and Research & Development.

After you have selected an Expense Category or added a new category, enter the Expense Name of your expense and select Add.

Enter your expense Cost, and select if the expense is One Time or Recurring.

Select a Frequency for how often the expense will occur, and enter a Start Date and End Date (if any).

Enter a Quantity for the expense if more than 1. Select the Cost Changes dropdown if the expense amount will change in your forecast.

Click Add Expense to add your expense to Hivemetric.

Editing Expenses

To edit an expense, click into the expense on the left side and the right snap editor will appear.

Edit any information, and select Save Expense at the bottom of the screen.

To edit the name of an expense, select the Expense Category on the left side of the grid. The right snap editor will open with a list of your expenses within the category. Hover over the expense you want to edit, and select the Pencil Icon.

Deleting Expenses

To delete expenses, click into the name of the expense on the left side and the right snap editor will open.

Select the Edit Icon in the top right, and click Delete Expense.

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