Staffing includes all of your employees you pay a wage or salary.

Adding Staff

To begin adding staffing to your Income Statement, select Add New in the upper left of your grid and then select Staffing Expense.

The right snap editor will open, and then select whether your staff member is Full Time, Part Time, or a Contractor.

You will see a list of your existing staff, or will create a new staff member.

Select the Add Staff button.

Enter the Job Title of your staff member, as well as the Employee Name.

Select a Start Date and End Date (if any) for your employee.

Select Add Categorization to add Expense Categories to your staff member. For example, your employee might spend half their time on sales and the other half on R&D.

Finally, add a Salary to your employee, and select how often that salary will occur in the Period dropdown.

Select the Salary Changes dropdown to add any increases or decreases in salary to your employee.

Click Add Staff Member to add your employee to Hivemetric. 

Editing Staff

To edit staff members, select the staff member from the left side of the grid, and the right snap editor will display.

Edit your employee as needed, and select the Save button when finished editing.

Deleting Staff

To delete staffing, click into the name/title of the employee on the left side and the right snap editor will open.

Select the Edit Icon in the top right, and click Delete Staff.

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