The Cash Flows dashboard is a useful tool for projecting when your company might run out of cash.

Starting Cash

Get started by entering your Starting Cash balance and the Starting Date for that cash.

Select Save Cash Settings to save your starting cash.

You can also integrate your QuickBooks Online data into Hivemetric and pull your QuickBooks cash balance in place of starting cash.

For more information on integrating QuickBooks Online, please refer to the QuickBooks section of the Help Center.

Cash Inflows

Cash Inflows include cash outside of traditional revenues. These are typically in the form of either Equity Investment or a Bank Loan.

To add a Cash Inflow, select the Plus Icon in the Cash Inflow dropdown.

Enter the Value of the inflow, as well as the Date which the inflow will occur.

Select the Non-Equity toggle if the inflow will be a bank loan or come from a non-dilutive funding source. Select the Equity toggle if the inflow will come from an equity investment, and enter a projected Valuation which the inflow will occur at.

Enter a Description for the cash inflow, and select the Plus Icon to add it to your cash flow forecast.

Editing and Deleting Inflows

To edit or delete any cash inflows, hover over the specific inflow and select either the Pencil icon to edit, or Trash icon to delete.

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