The Company Profile is a customizable interface containing information about your company.

To start editing your Company Profile, select the Edit toggle at the top of the screen.


To add your logo, first make sure you have the logo you would like to add downloaded to your computer, or located in an accessible place within your computer's files.

Click Select & Upload Logo, and choose the file you wish to upload.

 Within a few seconds, your logo will appear at the top of your profile.

Basic Company Information

Hivemetric provides you with a default set of forms to fill out for basic company information.

You can enter a new Company Name or edit an old one.

Enter a Description for your business. Think of this like an elevator pitch of what your company does in one sentence.

Select a Business Model and a Company Size from the dropdowns menus.

Enter an Industry which best describes your business, as well as target Demographics which best describe your customers you target.

Custom Text Modules

You can add customizable text modules to your Company Profile. These can contain any information you want to publish having to do with your company. You can think of it like an informal business plan.

Select Add Text Module to begin adding sections to your profile.

You can label each section with a Section Title, and you can add content (up to 2048 characters) in each section under the Section Description.

Each section can be rearranged or deleted by selecting the Up & Down Arrows or X Button in the upper right corner of each module.

When you are finished editing, deleting, or rearranging sections, be sure to press the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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