Your Hivemetric Income Statement contains a lot of useful functionality and tools once you have data in your financial model.

Control Bar

The Control bar at the top of your Income Statement can be used to modify the time increments and date range displayed.

You can view your data in periods of Months, Quarters, or Years. By selecting a Starting Month and Ending Month, you can specify the date range you want to display.

If you have connected your QuickBooks Online data, or you have entered historical data by scrolling to the left in the income statement, you can choose whether you would like to display Projections or Actuals in your forecast. Projections will display only projected information, where Actuals will display data from QuickBooks or manually entered data.

Finally, you can select the Tri-Dot Menu in the upper right corner of the Control Bar to bring up the option to Export to CSV, or download your income statement as an excel file.

Snap Data

By clicking into any individual cell within your Income Statement grid, you can access a snapshot of data, displayed in the right snap editor.

Selecting data at any date for an individual product, expense, or staff member will open a snapshot of data relevant to that specific item at that particular date.

Selecting data for any row totals will open a snapshot of data showing a breakdown of that total.

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