You can create and analyze scenarios in Hivemetric to determine multiple outcomes and paths for your forecasted financials.

New Scenario

To create a new scenario, select Primary Scenario at the top of your screen, and click the Settings Cog.

Your Scenario Settings will appear in the center of your screen, where you can edit the Scenario Name and add/edit the Scenario Description.

To copy your current scenario, select the Copy Scenario button. You will be asked to name the new scenario and give it a description.

Press Submit and within a few seconds, you will be taken to your new scenario. Note, this is an identical scenario to your old scenario until you edit it, so the only difference you will notice is the name of the scenario at the top of your screen.

You are now able to make edits and add new items to your scenario as you please.

IMPORTANT: Do not delete any Product Groups or Expense Categories in your new scenario. You can delete underlying products and expenses within each group or category, but do not delete the group/category itself.

Primary Scenario

Your primary scenario is your company's main scenario and the scenario which will first display upon logging into Hivemetric.

After you have created a new scenario you can make it your primary scenario by selecting the Scenario Name at the top of your screen and the Settings Cog next to the scenario. When the settings box for the scenario appears, select Make This Scenario Primary.

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